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We want to service you a valuable tour, not just movement or taking pictures.
More than uniform and typical tour, knowledge guide tour wants to show Korean history and culture properly as well as giving precious memories and heart-warming experience to visitors of Korea. Many professional guides, who share the same purpose with us, are developing the contents for the guide with valuable travel expertise and information, anyone can understand more easily.
Many foreign visitors have bad experience about uncomfortable lodging, poor quality service caused by price competitiveness among companies, and even unnecessary shopping by force.
More than 14 million foreigners visit Korea each year, but many of them left Korea with bad image and memories, saying ‘I don’t want to visit Korea again.’
We think we should always be faithful to the basics.
The information from the homepage and estimate as well as the service we offer is the promise with customers. Top priorities are to set a rational price and give the customers good and proper service.

We’ve been doing our best to be faithful to the basics and offer good and proper service to customers. It was worth the trouble and we can make a good impression to the foreign visitors of Korea. Also, many professional guides continuously join us and share the purpose with us.

We will keep our promise with the customers and trying our best to
make best tour contents and differentiated travelling culture,
with continuous efforts.

Thank you.