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This is much more than simple movement. A special driver and vehicle for a special protocol is ready.

Transportation Service

Dongi Tour’s differentiated Transportation Service

  1. In case of VIP invited by the company, we send SMS to the person in charge about special notes of pick-up and movement.
    (We check the landing time in real-time considering the early arrive, and react quickly by the existing state of things.)
  2. The highest class vehicles are ready for the protocol of VIP
  3. For a high-class protocol, a driver belonging to a five-star hotel is ready.
    (The driver is able to speak foreign language.)
  4. Every vehicle has drinking water and daily (English) newspaper.
  5. For the comfortable and pleasant indoor environment, please let us know VIP’s favorite air freshener and music.


Monetary Unit : KRW

Classification 4hours 8hours Extra charge/Hour Classification 4hours 8hours Extra charge/Hour
New-model of Benz 500,000 700,000 70,000 New-model of BMW 500,000 700,000 70,000
Equus 250,000 350,000 40,000 Equus Limousine 350,000 450,000 50,000
Grand Starex 150,000 200,000 20,000 Star Craft 500,000 700,000 70,000
Starex Limousine 200,000 300,000 30,000 Mini Bus(17-seater premium style) 250,000 330,000 40,000
Mini Bus(25-seater) 200,000 280,000 30,000 Bus(28-seater Limousine) 400,000 600,000 60,000
Bus(45-seater ordinary style) 300,000 500,000 50,000

* If you want other kind of vehicle, please contact us.
* If you go outside the city, the extra charge will cost by distance.

Baggage porter service for the comfortable high-class protocol

Porter Service

For the comfortable high-class protocol, we move your baggage to the airport or hotel. The baggage is moved in a sealed freight car safely for the rain or the accident.


Monetary Unit : KRW

Vehicle Charge Extra support personnel
Porter 200,000 100,000/인

Guide accompanying service joining with the porter service


During the baggage is moved, a select guide will accompany a customer in comfort.


Monetary Unit : KRW

Pick-Up Sending Pick-Up & Sending(10% discount)
100,000 100,000 180,000

Pick-up and sending event with Flower Bouquets and banners

Pick-up / Sending Event

Making use of Dongi Tour’s experience of VIP protocol, we plan an elaborate Pick-up and sending event.


Monetary Unit : KRW

Flower Bouquet Banner
Separate inquires Separate inquires