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We progress the event according to plan and make you a memorable tour.

Dongi Tour’s M.I.C.E

M.I.C.E stands for Meeting, Incentive Tour, Convention, Exhibition, and is commonly called MICE. MICE stand out enough to influence reviewing nation’s and company’s image.

If you are facing any international meeting, conference, exhibition, symposium, or public gatherings, why don’t you join us? This kind of international meeting needs help by the specialized company with many experiences. Dongi Tour can be a reliable supporter from the stage of planning and take responsibility for finishing the event as well as the VIP accompanying tour after the meeting.

The characteristics of Dongi Tour’s M.I.C.E

  1. We can suggest the best idea with the consultation with conference owner, from the stage of planning.
  2. According to the decided suggestion, and making use of the experiences we made along the way, we administer carefully from the beginning to a follow-up.
  3. Fully experienced personnel for an event and a manager will check the specifics and administer carefully during the whole schedule of arranging the event, airport pick-up, admission to an event hall, accommodations for VIP participants, meals and VIP accompanying tour.
  4. With a ready-made checklist for VIP’s characteristics and purpose of the event, we promise to make a high-quality progress of event.

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Airport ProtocolThis is a differentiated and customized protocol service only Dongi Tour can provide.

CIQ(Customs. Immigration. Quarantine) Welcome and Send-off Service

Entry Immediately after the arrival, a protocol specialist performs his duties from the airport to the hotel you are going to stay.
Entry Procedure

Departure (leaving a country) An experienced specialist performs his duties from airport check-in to boarding.

First Class Desk Service and advance preparation make prompt aid possible.

Departure Procedure


1) CIQ Service Monetary Unit : KRW

Classification Charge (exclude VAT) Classification Charge (exclude VAT)
Entry CIQ Welcome 250,000 Departure CIQ Send-off 250,000

(*For the best service of best satisfaction, one protocol specialist can accompany up to 2 VIPs.)

2) Airport Protocol Monetary Unit : KRW

Classification Airport Protocol Classification Airport Protocol
Airport Protocol Specialist (English) 100,000 New-model of Benz 300,000
New-model of BMW 300,000 New-model of Equus 150,000
Equus Limousine 200,000 Star Craft 300,000
Starex Limousine 180,000 Mini Bus(17-seater premium style) 250,000
Bus(27-seater premium style) 300,000

* After airport protocol, we will take you to your hotel.

Protocol, Tour, InterpretationCustomized service based on various experiences of VIP protocol is applied properly.

Dongi Tour tries its best to keep basic regulation of VIP service.

  1. Professional guides with many experiences of various nations are ready.
  2. The highest class vehicles are ready for the high class of VIP.
  3. Professional guides are selected by strict standards of work experiences and customer manners with continuous professional development.
  4. A wireless transmitter helps you get information obviously even when you are in a crowded place.

Service Charge

Protocol Service Monetary Unit : KRW

Classification 4hours 8hours Extra charge
1st class 280,000 400,000 50,000
Business 230,000 330,000 40,000
Economy 180,000 250,000 30,000
Interpretation 400,000 800,000 80,000

* Guides for VIP have at least three-year experience of attending VIP.

Charge for the other foreign languages Monetary Unit : KRW

Language 4hours 8hours Extra charge
German, French, Italian, Russian, Spanish 300,000 500,000 60,000

TransportationThis is much more than simple movement. A special driver and vehicle for a special protocol is ready.

Dongi Tour keeps basic regulation of service, and furthermore, provides a differentiated service of transportation.

  1. The highest class vehicles are ready for the high class VIP.
  2. The professional guide with various experience of attending domestic and foreign VIP will accompany. (The driver is also able to speak foreign language.)
  3. Every vehicle has drinking water and daily (English) newspaper.
  4. For more satisfactory schedule, please let us know VIP’s favorite air freshener and music.

Service Charge

Monetary Unit : KRW

Classification 4hours 8hours Extra charge
New-model of Benz 500,000 700,000 70,000
New-model of BMW 500,000 700,000 70,000
Equus 250,000 350,000 40,000
Equus Limousine 350,000 450,000 50,000
Grand Starex 150,000 200,000 20,000
Star Craft 500,000 700,000 70,000
Starex Limousine 200,000 300,000 30,000
Mini Bus(17-seater premium style) 250,000 330,000 40,000
Mini Bus(25-seater) 200,000 280,000 30,000
Bus(28-seater Limousine) 400,000 600,000 60,000
Bus(45-seater ordinary style) 300,000 500,000 50,000

* If you want other kind of vehicle, please contact us.
* Every vehicle is on Seoul basis and covers less than 30km from Seoul. If you go further, that will add an extra charge.
* Extra Charge costs per hour for unsocial hours.

professional arrangement service This is a diversified and differentiated service only Dongi Tour can provide. A professional arrangement specialist takes responsibilities for your hotel, airport, and event hall.

Dongi Tour administers professional arrangement service program to meet the customers’ needs like below.

Hotel We can select and make a reservation for a hotel customized for each VIP’s taste and dignity.
Flight We can get the plane tickets customized by individual. 
Event Hall Based on various experiences, we can select event halls which reflect characteristic of the event. 
Industrial Inspection With the database from various experiences, we can suggest industrial inspection answering the purpose of the visit. 
Home-stay This in-depth home-stay tour makes you experience Korean everyday life. 
Video and Album We record every schedule during VVIP’s visit and make video and album for greater satisfaction.
Experience Class We can introduce many experience classes about Korean farm, ranch, and traditional pottery.
K-POP Show For Korean Wave fans and would-be singers, we can help you enjoy Korean Wave on location of K-POP shows and TV live broadcasts.
Making a Music Video Do you want to be a singer or an actor? You can have a chance for a music video and profile photos of your own, here in Korea, the home of Korean Wave. We can invite movie director who made music videos of Korean Teen idol and you can achieve your dream of making YOUR own music video. 
Traditional Restaurant From the experiences of nationally and religiously various tours, we can suggest the best traditional restaurants which can introduce the taste of Korean properly, as well as other good restaurants suitable for the situation.
Souvenir We can prepare the presents VIPs might prefer according as the nation and occupation, as well as suggesting memorable and characteristic souvenirs.
Catering We can arrange proper catering service for your gathering.
ButlerㆍChefㆍBabysitter We can introduce the best specialists for the high class of VIP.
Shopping We can introduce shopping shops perfect for VIP’s taste, and you can enjoy differentiated shopping.